Sunday, September 27, 2009

design,details and depression

I feel bad when i woke up this morning because when i opened the TV still there are a lot of people who haven't been rescued from flood, hungry and and footages from the news are really depressing.i feel so guilty because i don't know how to help. i asked my mother to give all unused clothes, blankets and towels we have and thank God we were able to collect 3 big bags...i hope prayers can do a lot for those people who can't give physical and financial help.

it's getting dark again and i think strong rain will come :( with strong wind!!! too scary cos i'm a lot afraid of wind than heavy rainfall...there's so much trees around around us :(

I hope after all these disaster that our country has been going through God will use each and every one of us to help our country stand once more...i pray to God that He will use me in helping people to make their houses a better place to live :)

I just want to share what i did to my client who became a friend beacause of what we shared during the process of building their house.

It was 2005 when my officemate introduced me to joel and arlene, they we're looking for a design consultant. When I met them we had a very warm, friendly and good conversation. The first requirement that they really emphasized well was about the minimal budget that they have for the development of the house... i thought of minimalism, fit for minimal budget ;)hahahaha! they asked me if they can bring along some of their old pieces i immediately said YES!!! those are very valuable for them and I want it to be in a place that will highlight it's value and antiquity.
As we go along the design development of the house we shared special friendship from each other. Every week we look for some materials that will fit perfectly within our budget without sacrifing quality and aesthetic.

We came up with transitional design direction. we want to incorporate modern from their old pieces and reflect casual elegant look.

At their living area we placed their antique grandfather's clock that made a great accent together with modern custom-made furniture pieces... we furnished the living area for only P52,000.00 ($1,083.00) Just right for our budget! On the opposite side of the the seating area we placed an accent stoned wall with console table and sunburst two way mirror... from the master's bedroom they can see directly the living area through the mirror.
At dining area... we furnished it with the budget of P46,000.00($958.00)
For short we fully furnished the entire house less than half a million :) a house with 3 bedrooms, 3 T&B, 2 extra small rooms,lanai and big garden infront and rear side.
The house was sold last year because they decided to transfer in batangas. now, we will join forces once more to build a 2 storey house for their growing family.actually we started last May and the construction last july.
"Volume, proportion, texture and color"
These are the 4 elements needed to create a well developed and well designed space.
taking picture of your room after furnishing and decorating will help you see what's lacking and inappropriate.
Beige and brown are really my basic colors. you can never go wrong with these palette... you can incorporate a lot of colors with this scheme. it gives warm and dramatic mood. so if you're not sure of what color scheme to use...beige and brown is the safest of all!

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