Saturday, September 26, 2009

Serendra Sales Pavilion

I was hired at BDMA late 2003 because they needed someone to take in charge of the Serendra Sales Pavilion Project...yes!!! thanks to BDM (owner of the company- my boss!) who gave me the opportunity to work in his team.

At first i felt so scared because of the responsibility and work load...i can't believe m really working professionally! brain storming for design concept, color scheming, furniture selection, documentation, etc. etc. etc. i felt exhausted everyday. i suffered too much stress...first time in my life!

As the project went on i realized that i enjoyed every detail of my work... designing,coordination, site visits,etc. etc. etc. i will never forget the moment when i had my unexpected site visit wearing an off-shoulder blouse! i was surprised when the entire construction men went to the barracks office to consult insignificant matters...where the hell can you find on construction site?! well atleast i was wearing hard hat!!!

i had so much fun dealing with different people... i guess that's where the detail comes.

the original design concept that we've made was towards transitional (mix of traditional and modern) BDM asked me to have the hotel looking design...but to our surprise the client was so dissapointed in our presentation...palpak! i got sad i felt i was to blame but it was an order from my boss. the direction they want to see is more of the modern look...casual and relax.they were right...are you going to enter in a very grandeur place jus to buy a condo unit? on my part i won't!

well, the project ended but i was not able to attend the launching because it was ate cecil's wedding day.
Design Details:
The black painted and framed drop ceiling gave the space the look of modern... combining a little of industrial look with the use of black paint and a soft framed drop ceiling in ultra white paint were perfectly blended for a transitional concept.