Tuesday, September 29, 2009


creating a fashion statement must have the "WOW" factor inorder to make it POP...what is the "WOW"factor all about?!
in decorating and designing, the "WOW" factor is something you say or shout from the moment you see a room or place...something that caught so much of your attention, an inspiration to take or use...
how can we create a "WOW" factor considering a "minimal budget"?

simplicity and creativity are the keys to consider.

a. accent wall - creating accent wall will transform a simple room into a new look. experimenting in colors and with the use of our creativity we can come up with design concept for our wall...simple lines, strong solid colors, graphic design, pattern design and etc can be use as inspiration.

b. artwork - hanging a simple artwork,painting, rug,fabric and etc. can be a focal piece with the use of strong color background to create a stronger punch.

c. lighting - inexpensive recessed downlight using CFL or led light can create drama in a space. warm white and cool white are often use to develope a good lighting warm effect. Table or floor lamp is very essential for me...it does not only provide aesthetic but also the need of having a light beside your bed.

d. beddings - a good and crisp white bedding is the most essential in creating an impression of cleanliness. if you don't have one, any color will do but don't settle for that... put some thing on the end side of the bed like throw, band or runner... well, you can use your old table runner :) make sure it smells good. you can use long scarves, shawl, old batik fabric, spare fabric with good print.

e. accent pillows - you can turn a vey boring sofa or chair using a throwpillow... it gives color and punch for a dull color scheme.

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